The Paracord Bug, a review of

Published: Tuesday, 06 May 2014
Written by KevinMc

Like many preppers I had to add paracord to my list of essential items for a bug out bag. And like many preppers I got bit by the paracord bug in another was as I do bracelets and stuff too. Now you don't have to know how to make bracelets and other paracord items but it is a nice hobby and keeps me out of the pubs. The first few bracelets I did are not the greatest creation but like my other art work I get better with each one, and of course having the right technique and tools are important. That's why I like many got a jig.

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My EDC - Light

Published: Wednesday, 30 April 2014
Written by KevinMc

Humans have really poor night vision as compared to many animals, so to compensate we invented various lighting devices and about 1899 or so the first portable electric flashlight was patented. So for years I haved owned and carried a Maglite Mini that has served well and was my favorite go to flashlight in any situation. For a 2xAA light and incadescent bulb it has always burned very brightly. But recent advances in other bulb technologies got me looking to explore other options. 

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Brewing Mead

Published: Saturday, 05 April 2014
Written by KevinMc

For years now I have brewed beer and in more recent years mead also known as honey wine. Mead is the traditional gift given to just married couples in ancient Europe, given enough to last for a month, and where the term HONEYMOON comes from. And although not strictly a prepper thing, I think it would be a great skill for anyone to have in any situation. And now with home brewing being legal in all 50 states it no longer becomes a legal issue.

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My EDC - Multitool

Published: Friday, 04 April 2014
Written by KevinMc

Part of my EDC has for a very long time has been a multitool and like most I have tried various brands over the years. Everything from Leatherman to no name cheap chinese imports. The most recent I have tried is the Gerber Compact Sport Multi-Pliers 400 Multitool. Mine is a stainless Steel version but they also have it in black at some retailers.

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Our dust

Published: Thursday, 03 April 2014
Written by KevinMc

Please excuse the dust as we get everything back in order.